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Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Model: 86140B
Manufacturer: Agilent

Contact Information:
  Faculty Contact:   Dick Selfridge
  Staff Contact:   Don Dawson
  Student Contact:   Earl Parsons

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  1. General Description
    1. Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  2. Simplified Operating Instructions
    1. Connect the FC connectorized single mode fiber to the source
    2. Connect the other end to the HP 8153A
      1. Make sure that there is power.
      2. What is the power?
      3. What is the maximum power on the Agilent 86140B?
      4. Is the power less than the maximum power?
    3. Remove the fiber from the HP8153A and connect it to the Agilent 86140B
    4. Find the laser peak
    5. If the laser peak is not showing:
      1. Hit the wavelength button
      2. Hit the SPAN soft-key
      3. Increase the span until you see the laser peak
    6. Zoom in on the spectrum
      1. Hit the CENTER WL soft-key
      2. Hit the SPAN soft-key
      3. Decrease the span until you are at the desired resolution
        (You may need to hit the CENTER WL soft-key)
    7. Save the data to disk
      1. Hit the SAVE/RECALL button
      2. Hit the SAVE/RECALL soft-key
      3. Hit the SAVE soft-key
      4. Click on:
        1. TRACE(S) ONLY
        2. FLOPPY DISK
        3. MANUAL
      5. Hit CHOOSE FILE TO SAVE soft-key
      6. Name the file
        1. Hit SAVE FILE soft-key
      7. The file *.CSV contains the data and information about the trace
        1. Of primary interest is:
        2. START
        3. STOP
        4. LENGTH (pts)
        5. Date (INDEX, A)


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