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PM Arc Fusion Splicer
Model: FSM-20PMII
Manufacturer: Fujikura Ltd.

Contact Information:
  Faculty Contact:   Dick Selfridge
  Staff Contact:   Don Dawson
  Student Contact:   Earl Parsons

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  1. General Description
  2. Power On
  3. Placing the Fibers
  4. Selecting the Splice Mode
  5. Discharge Conditions
  6. Controller

Manual Motor Operation
Motor Left Arrow Right Arrow
X (on X field) Right fiber fall (XF) Right fiber rise (XR)
Y (on Y field) Left fiber fall (YF) Left fiber rise (YR)
ZL Left fiber back (ZLR) Left fiber forward (ZLF)
ZR Right fiber back (ZRR) Right fiber forward (ZRF)
PL Left fiber rotation back (PLR) Left fiber rotation forward (PLF)
PR Right fiber rotation back (PRR) Right fiber rotation forward (PRF)
FOC Focus far (FAR) Focus near (NEAR)
FLD Fibers fall Fibers rise
MIR Positions camera Positions camera

Over Run Indications
Over Run Causes Solutions
XF, XR, YF, YR The is too much dust in the v-groove, the fiber is detached from the v-groove, the rubber jacket is not removed. Clean the v-groove, reposition the fiber, or recleave.
FOCUS NEAR, FOCUS FAR, FIELD UP, FIELD DOWN The fiber is not properly set, the fiber is too dusty, or the automatic focus is not working properly. Replace the fiber, clean the fibers, or press reset.
ZLF, ZRF The fiber is too short or the fiber is detached from the v-groove. Recleave the fiber and reposition.
ZLR, ZRR The fiber cannot move back any farther. Reposition the fiber.
PLF, PLR, PRF, PRR Theta axis moved too far over. Reposition the fibers and try again.
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